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I think one of the most important things about being an artist is the daily activity of drawing, sketching or writing. Pen and paper, you will often find a notebook of mine in every room - I have always loved to sketch draw and write which actually started as a way to document my travels when I was in art school. Over the last year I started to make vlogs mainly for the platform TikTok, I have had fun filming with my iPhone little moments of my day - whether it be a quick black and white portrait drawing, the latest painting in my studio, the dress I am wearing to showcase in my LTK shop or what I am baking or cooking accompanied with the latest songs it has become a new hobby. Over the last few months the success of my own baking videos has created such joy to others and as much as I love baking and being in my kitchen I realized that my kitchen looked very much like my still life paintings and my paintings looked like my kitchen - the idea to design a tea towel with my art and showcase it in one of my videos just made sense. So that's really how it all the new tea towel and my new addition from my many sketchbooks of my black and white portrait drawings have found there way on white T-shirt's - I am so excited to bring these portraits to life and for them to be part of yours! I am thrilled to start a new collection. My blog here on my website will showcase various vlogs that have been posted on TikTok as I am aware not everyone is on that app. Please enjoy them 💗 Katrina

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