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About Katrina

Katrina Howarth’s paintings are noticeably unique, each featuring her signature color palette and a play of light and glow achieved by numerous layers of oils and glazes. Katrina has always painted, preferring to work in oil, but is also an avid sketchbook line drawing enthusiast. ‘The drawing is so important- the composition is what begins a painting and must be correct in order for the painting to be a success. ‘


Katrina has often shared her purpose to spread joy through her art and one can always find a playfulness, intrigue and happiness throughout. Born in Scotland, she had a beautiful and happy childhood thanks to her loving and supportive artistic parents. Growing up in a sunny and charming thatched-roof, English Rose filled village called Elton outside of Peterborough, the family later moved to the picturesque Highlands of Scotland and then on to Edinburgh and where she studied at the late Glasgow School of Art.


Touching her toes with travel and following the sun became an eye opener for Katrina. From Barcelona to Cyprus, then the east coast of the United States and onto Santa Fe NM, it was here that Katrina discovered Canyon Road, a site she had never seen anything quite like before. Attracted to the vast open sky and the brilliance of colours from the sun, it became a goal to become represented by a gallery there.  Now, 22 years later of achieving her goal, Katrina is a very well known, successful artist with her own style. She feels such great happiness to have so many of her paintings in collectors’ homes and loves to share her stories and life with her 3 daughters, very supportive and loving husband and pets. They have lived by the bay in Galveston for the last 16 years and from Katrina’s studio you will find beautiful open skies, pops of pink flowers and flowing palm trees on their island living lifestyle.  

lemon custard

The Small Details

Many of my landscapes are a mix of many places I have lived or traveled. Scotland, England, France, Spain, Cyprus, New Mexico - I miss my home, family and where I am from and that is why you may stumble across a heart in my paintings which connects me back there. 

Katrina painting in her studio
Katrina Howarth
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